Coding, the one big word that appeared in our lives so frequently as Singapore is moving towards a smart nation. However, if you are coming from a unrelated field of studies (be it business or science), it may be daunting to pick up an entire new skill even though you know that it will be important.

However, many Singaporeans often have these big misconceptions that learning basics of fundamental programming, which includes CSS, JavaScript and HTML, is mainly for people looking for a job in the programming or aspired to be a web developer. What they fail to recognize is that this particular skill-set can  increase their pay scale and value in any companies that they are working in.

Before moving on to the benefits and advantages of equiping yourself with programming knowledge, let us understand what HTML, CSS and JavaScript is.


HTML stands for Hyper-Text-Markup-Language. All websites are made with HTML. Put it simply, it forms the structure of the website and it is the building block of your website. If you want to build your own website, make a blog, edit or customize any other website or WordPress theme, you need to learn HTML.
The elements in HTML are represented by tags. For example, the heading tag would appear in HTML file like this,

<h1> This is my Webpage </h1>

The browsers do not show any html tags because they are mostly used to modify the content of the page its clients are accessing.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Like the clothes, you wear, it is used to beautify and style the webpage that you have created with HTML. It also includes different kinds of designs and layouts that can be used by individuals to modify their webpages.
CSS saves a lot of work as people who wish to change the look of their website can do it in one go rather than accessing different web sheets.


We now understand that HTML is used to create the structure of the webpage while CSS can give a makeover to the boring webpage with different designs, fonts, colours and etc.
However, these web pages are fine for displaying static content such as image or text. We need to have interaction with the user such menus, forms and even slideshows to provide a better user experience. This is wherer JavaScript comes in.
JavaScript is a scripting languages that can be used to enhance HTML page in an interactive and dynamic manner. Learning JavaScript is not hard as there is many feature rich JavaScript library such as jQuery that we can utilize.

3 reasons why Singaporeans should learn fundamentals programming skill

1. Enhancing your skill-set and make yourself more employable

Knowing how to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript is gradually becoming more prominent and valuable in workplace. No matter which company you are working for in Singapore, they definitely have a business website. If you know the basics of HTML and CSS, you can easily customize or make changes up your company’s website effectively. In addition, it can allow you to integrate social media, Google analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and make changes within the website without engaging any expensive web development or web design agency. Coming from the point of view of a business owner, someone who has the knowledge of basic programming skill will value add to my company in many ways.

2. Becoming the number 1 candidate to spearhead any web development project in your company

Furthermore, companies are constantly working with external web development agencies to develop new web applications to enhance their presence online. Your knowledge about CSS, HTML and JavaScript can further enhance your working relations with the development team and make you the ideal candidate to spearhead the project as compared to the colleague without any programming background. The ability to grasp all the technical aspects in a much more realistic and practical way can help you to work efficiently with the development team.

3. Earning additional Income as a freelancer or entrepreneur

Lastly, Singaporeans should keep in mind that digital skill is here to stay. Many companies are going online and there is a huge demand of such skill-set in the economy. If you are looking to earn addition income or allowance apart from your main job, you should consider to become a freelance web designer. For instance, a freelance web designer can easily charge more than $1,500 for a professional looking business website and up to $5,000 for an eCommerce website.
If you are thinking of setting up your own business, congratulations! As you have the ability to build up a business website for your company, you can save on the hefty web development fee and use the money on marketing or business development.

How to learn basic programming skills in Singapore in a short period?

After knowing that there are so many advantages to learn programming, the question now is how can we pick up this essential skill in a fast and efficient manner. According to an article from AsianOne, Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world. Apart from work, we need time for our families, kids and friends as well. It is a well-known fact that we have many different time-consuming commitments in our lives and can’t spare out additional time to upgrade our skill sets.

2-days Beginner Coding Bootcamp (SkillsFuture Qualified)

Beginner Coding Bootcamp is a 2-day course that Techcove provides to help busy professionals and students to learn fundamental programming efficiently. Techcove honoured to work with many industry experts and Tech startup founders to design this course for people with no programming background.
This two-day course will expose you to the world of coding with an experienced programmer who started his own tech startup from scratch. In the process, you will master the key fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript, the most popular programming languages on which all modern websites and apps are built. In addition, you will be coding a simple one-page website as you learn to help you to grasp the concepts more efficiently.


So you understand why you should learn to code and some resources to get you started. Learning to code can become a lucrative endeavor for both your career and future. And who knows, this might be the starting point to kick off the next big Tech startup in Singapore.  If you’re looking for a new hobby in 2017, get started with learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript !