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Empowering people to thrive through the global digital transformation with accelerated, best-in-class programs.

Our Story

The idea for TechCove came about when we saw many Singaporeans and businesses struggle with the digital transformation.

TechCove was founded to bridge technological skills gap by focusing on imparting highly demanded skills in an actionable, practical way.


Let’s Build The Future of Education Together


Singapore has embarked on an exciting journey towards smart nation but we are facing a shortage of digital-savvy professionals. Today, many companies are demanding for skills like web designing, digital marketing, programming and data analytics. However, many of these technologies are only developed in the past 10 years. Thus, there is a tech skill gap that every economy is facing.

Look at how our lives are being disrupted by technology giants like Facebook, Taobao, Uber and Carousell. They are here to stay. Thus, digital and coding skills are integral for individuals to succeed in the future.

Our Answer

At Techcove, we specialised in today’s most in-demand skills. From web development to digital marketing, we are at the forefront of helping motivated students to learn highly-demanded and practical skills in the shortest time possible. Through Techcove, we want to be the ones laying the foundation for our students by empowering them with the skills, network and knowledge to pursue their passions in this digital world.

Not only we will be imparting practical skillset to our students, we will be introducing tools that are being used by the top practioners. Unlike the usual lecture style learning, our students will be building real-world projects that will benefit them greatly in time to come.

Hear From Our Students

Techcove Singapore

TechCove helps Singaporeans master in-demand skills to bridge any skills gap and stay on top of their industry.

We focus on imparting practical and actionable skills, giving students a leg up in the digital revolution sweeping the world.

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